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There is that one app on your phone you will never delete. It has become a part of your everyday life. Whether you are the queen of gossip, perfectionist or the funny one, your favorite social media app says a lot about you.

You're a Facebook Fanatic if you: 

Start every sentence with “Do you remember (insert name of person from your high school here)?”
• Have a permanent thumbs up from liking so many posts
• Claim to have more than 2,000 "friends"

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You are the queen, or king, of gossip. If there is a scandal, engagement or exciting announcement, you will be the first to notify everyone. You have more friends then you can manage and you like it that way. Most importantly, you are the ultimate stalker. Your friends know to go to you if they see a cute guy in biology because you can tell them his life story by the end of class.

You're a Tweety Bird if you:

• Speak in 140 characters or less
• Dream of being verified
• Speak exclusively in #hashtags

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You are basically a know-it-all. From TV show spoilers to the latest celebrity feud and all the current events in between, you are the ultimate source of information. You tend to react quickly and aren’t afraid to share your thoughts. Your friends know to come to you if they have a question about anything because you always know the answer.

You're Instaglamorous if you:

• Look at the world through a smart phone camera lens
• Take a picture of every activity you do in fear that if you don’t, it won't really happen
• Complain that they don’t make glasses with “X-Pro” and “Mayfair” filters built-in


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You cherish each moment of your life and want to document everything that happens. You appreciate the finer things in life like gourmet food, sunsets and all baby animals. Your friends are jealous because you know how to look good in any lighting, but they “like” you anyways.

You're a Nit-Pinner if you:

• Decorate your room with exclusively DIY projects
• Always have the ingredients to make a plethora of baked goods
• Have your wedding planned (minus that significant other)

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You expect nothing less than perfection. You dream big and give 100% in everything you do. You have a strict schedule and an impeccable attention to details. Everything you plan is organized down to the very last rhinestone. Many people want to see you fail, but you have "life hacks" to get you out of any embarrassing situation.

You're a Selfie Sensation if you:

• Practice making ugly faces in the mirror
• Live your life in 10-second increments (unless you’re telling a story)
• Dream of getting a gold medal in the selfie olympics

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Your friends never know if you’re serious, but they always know you can make them laugh. You have definite best friends but the order can change based on who you hang out with the most. The downfall is, you aren’t always trustworthy. Sometimes you can blackmail people when they least expect it, especially on big occasions like birthdays.

So which one are you? The friendly one, the know-it-all, the pretty one, the perfectionist, or the funny one?



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