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In a matter of weeks thousands of students will begin to pack up their Auburn memories and move on into the next chapter of their lives. For some, it may be difficult to digest all at once. For others, they will pack up, leave and not look back. But for most, you recognize that although your time here is ending, there are several reasons why The Loveliest Village on the Plains will always be home:


AUBURN Family:  For many of you, the Auburn family has been a part of your lives since birth, and after countless years of weekend road trips to a family reunion filled with football games and tailgating, you knew that this was where you would spend your college years.

For others, you may not have had a prior connection to Auburn, but something about it just felt right.  You heard great things about the Auburn Family before stepping foot on campus and since day one, the phrase, "WE ARE FAMILY," has been ingrained in you. You may not have initially believed the hype, but after four or more years of living, breathing and experiencing all things Auburn it all makes perfect sense. It's not a phrase that you say just because it sounds good. It rings true wherever you go, and if you ever see someone wearing Auburn gear, you instantly feel a connection. You don't take a second thought walking over to someone you've never met and greeting them with the all important "War Eagle!"


AUBURN Friends:  You shared the same classes, rushed the same fraternity or sorority, or you met during one of many campus-wide events, and ever since that first meeting, you clicked and have been tight ever since. This is your road trip partner--the one who never hesitated to jump in the passenger seat whenever you wanted to get out of town; and although you've only known each other for a short time, it feels as if it has been a lifetime.  You know that you will soon be going your separate ways, but it's OK because when you come back for homecoming or game-day weekends you will pick up where you left off and it will be as if you never left.

AUBURN Memories: You still remember that first day of Camp War Eagle (CWE) like it was yesterday. Touring the campus, registering for classes, and participating in the freshman pep rally. The first day of class you woke up super early to make sure you weren't late, but everything they told you at CWE about navigating Haley was now foreign which is why you ended up lost and late for your first class. You can recall most of the late night study sessions in RBD, campus events that you either planned or supported. You can't forget your 2010 National Championship experience and will never forget the 2013 miracles in Jordan-Hare. Each memory of your Auburn experience has nestled itself deep into your being and will forever connect you back home.


AUBURN Tradition: Things are constantly changing around Auburn, but, at the end of the day, our core values and traditions remain strong. You can't get enough of Aubie, and callouts on Cater Lawn will never get old. There is no question of what makes an Auburn man or woman, because the The Auburn Creed still stands strong. Each game-day Saturday you know to look toward the stadium flagpole before kick-off because you know that Tiger, Nova or Spirit will soon circle the field. The ever favorite tradition of rolling Toomer's Corner still lives on because the Auburn family refused to allow anyone to come into its house to end the beloved tradition. Tradition is who we are, tradition is what we believe “… and because Auburn men and women believe these things, I believe in Auburn and love it.”


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