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Why being a fifth year isn't all that bad

When it comes to having to stay an extra year, or two, at college, it is not always looked at as a positive thing. You are accumulating more loans and get stuck in the crowd when your friends graduate, on time. But not all things have to be that bad! A few fifth years weighed in on why taking a victory lap really isn't so bad after all.

"Another football season of course! Even if you only have to stay one extra semester, you still have another fall season to spend in the stands cheering with your Auburn Family for the Tigers," says fifth year, Kath Sampson. There is nothing better than being able to tailgate with your family, cheer with your friends and sing along with Aubie and the marching band every Saturday on the Plains.

The perfect schedule! Being at Auburn for an extra year mean you are first to sign up for classes come the dreaded registration dates. You get first pick for the perfect time slots so planning a schedule around sleeping in late and being free for the uncrowded lunch hours will work out perfectly. Also, you are more than likely only taking a couple of classes so those overwhelming weeks won't be so bad.

Staying out of the real world! is Christy Waters favorite part. Even though most of your friends may have graduated and taken on the work force, sometimes you need a little extra time to prepare for that yourself. Take that "victory lap" to get another internship, find a part time job and save up some money for when you decide its time to move on or sign up for an extra elective or two that will allow you to explore a topic you may be interested in and or would be a great addition for your resume.

Extra time to find yourself! While you have a light schedule and maybe found an extra internship, you are now able to see who you really are. There are no longer three tests and two papers due within the next four days, all nighters don't are less common and making sure you are a member of all the right clubs can't hold you back. Take this time to volunteer or branch out and make some new friends, pick up a new hobby or visit the rec center for the first time ever. Discover something new bout yourself!

While graduating in four years is ideal, especially for your parents, some times there are hiccups along the way and you need another year to make sure you get the best education possible. Your friends move on and their snapchats of their employee lunchroom have you down, but you know they will always be back on Saturday's for football and you can always take a road trip! Staying behind an extra year really isn't that bad. After all, you get to be a part of Auburn student family for another year!

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