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It's time to register for another semester at The Loveliest Village on the Plains, and you can't think of any electives to sign up for. It happens to all of us. Reaching 120 hours of elective credit is not as easy as some would think.

If you are interested in becoming more active but can't seem to find the motivation, sign up for Fitness and Conditioning: CrossFit!

CrossFit is a fitness program that aims to forge a broad, general and inclusive fitness. Over several decades Coach Greg Glassman designed this fitness regimen to specifically improve fitness and health.

All CrossFit workouts are functional movements based on the best aspects from gymnastics, weightlifting, running, rowing and more. The workouts move the largest loads for the longest distances in the shortest amount of time. The varied approaches to training, functional movements and the high level of intensity lead to dramatic gains in fitness.

CrossFit on the Plains is a CrossFit gym located in Auburn that offers CrossFit classes as electives to Auburn University students. By completing the CrossFit P.E. class, you will earn two credit hours toward your elective hours.

There are usually five different times you can take the course on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The times range from 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. This allows easy access to work around your core schedule since the course must be taken at the CrossFit on the Plains gym located on Annalue Drive.

Registering for this course will help keep you accountable when it comes to working out. Some days you might not have the urge to drive to the gym, run a mile or even do sit-ups in your living room, but if you are striving for a good grade, you will force yourself to get up, get to class and complete the workout.

"Even when my schedule is hectic, taking CrossFit as a class at Auburn has given me a real incentive to work out since I am receiving a grade for it," current P.E. student Evvie Walker said. "More than that, it is such a great way to reduce stress and stay healthy."

The definition of CrossFit has the tendency to intimidate individuals who are thinking about pursuing this sport. However, the coaches at CFP progress each student as if they are a beginner to CrossFit. Students start with a baseline workout to assess levels of conditioning. Each day builds on the previous day, and the workouts can be scaled by adjusting the load, volume and difficulty of each movement. Owner Dalton Ard and staff work to establish good functional movement mechanics through teaching the fundamentals, creating consistency through repetitive practice and then increasing intensity when the athlete feels confident.

The CrossFit P.E. class through Auburn University is in its 16th semester and has had over a thousand student participants over the past five years. Hundreds of students have expressed that they were in the best shape they’ve ever been in at the end of the semester.

"Just a few semesters ago, we had a female student lose almost 25 pounds, and a male lose 30 pounds over the semester," CrossFit on the Plains owner Dalton Ard said.

If you are considering registering for this course, you can find it in Tigeri under Physical Education Fitness and Conditioning: CrossFit. For questions or more information visit or email Dalton Ard at

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