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Why You Came to Auburn, and Why You Still Love It

Everyone has their reasons for why they came to Auburn University. Maybe Auburn is close to your hometown and you don’t have to pay out-of-state tuition, maybe your friends came here, or maybe you just really love Toomers lemonade and Big Blue Bagel’s bagel chips. No matter the reason you came to Auburn, everyone eventually falls in love with the “Auburn family” and can't imagine going to college anywhere else.


The Top Reasons You Came to Auburn: 


1)   Your best friend or boyfriend talked you into it. Even if you broke up or grew apart, it was one of the best decisions you ever made.

2)   It runs in your family. Your brother, your parents, their parents, and half your cousins graduated from Auburn University. Not to mention your father said he would only pay for college if you went to the loveliest village on the plains.

3)   You grew up around too many “bammers” and couldn’t wait to root for the team of a college you actually went to.  And now every time one of your high school buddies says “Roll Tide,” you gag a little.

4)   SEC Football. Because the idea of going somewhere where football isn’t treated like a religion is just ridiculous. Sometimes your family even ends a prayer or blessing with "War Eagle."

5)   Auburn was one of the only four-year colleges offering your major. Of course, you’ve switched three times since your freshmen year. Admittedly, it’s partially because you don’t want to graduate yet.

6)   You love traditions, especially ones that involve throwing toilet paper.

7)   The goosebumps you had when you saw the eagle fly at your first Auburn football game, and every game since.



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