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Although America is separated from England by thousands of miles and vast oceans, it does not mean that Americans are not interested in Prince William and Kate Middleton’s upcoming nuptials.






In fact, women all over the world are atwitter as the royal wedding quickly approaches. It does not matter if you are British, American or any other nationality because the timeless fantasy of a fairy tale wedding will never go out of style.


Even the ladies at Auburn University are preparing to celebrate the royal wedding, which is set for April 29, 2011.


Prince William and Kate began their courtship after William spotted Kate while she was modeling a see through dress in a college fashion show, called “Don’t Walk.” They also ran into each other regularly on the university’s campus in various lectures and tutorials.


During their second year at the university, William and Kate moved in together as “flatmates.” They continuously tried to insist they were only friends, but their cover was blown in Jan. 2006 when they were caught kissing on the ski slopes of Switzerland.


“I absolutely can’t wait,” Stacia Sawyer, a senior in psychology at Auburn University, proclaimed. “Ever since I heard about their engagement, I’ve been looking forward to watching the wedding.”


Once the couple is married at the end of April, Kate Middleton will officially become the sixth Queen Catherine of England. Since you automatically become a queen if you marry a British king, Kate will earn her queen title after the wedding ceremony.


There is much secrecy about the details surrounding the wedding, which is understandable. The biggest secrets that are driving the public crazy are about who will design Kate’s wedding dress and where the couple will honeymoon.


Several famous British designers have been suspected of designing Kate’s dress, including Sophie Cranston, Sarah Burton and several others. Most of these designers have come right out and admitted that they are not the chosen one to create Kate’s dress.


“I have heard tons of rumors about who will design Kate Middleton’s dress,” Sawyer gushed. “But I think the rumor about Kate wearing a dress designed by the same designer that fashioned Princess Diana’s gown just might be true.”


There are also numerous rumors circling about the location of the royal couple’s honeymoon. The public suspected that they were going to honeymoon somewhere tropical after spotting Kate buying several summer dresses in London. There have also been rumors that they may go to the Middle East or Africa as well. The one thing we know for sure is that the couple will spend their first night as husband and wife in the Buckingham Palace.


The royal wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton will be filmed and is expected to attract a global audience of over two billion, so make sure you do not miss out on the celebration.

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