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Women Resource Center Provides Many Services to Students

The Auburn University Women’s Resource Center provides information about important issues affecting women’s lives. Their mission is to enhance the lives of Auburn women, and to promote the involvement of women on campus and around the world.

“We awareness one Auburn’s campus about women’s issues in Auburn and in the world,” said Heather Duncan, an intern for women’s resources. “And we advocate for women on campus and globally.”

The Women’s Resource Center serves as a place of information and resources for Auburn’s campus on women’s initiatives, programs, and issues.

“If someone wants to advocate for something on campus we can help them spearhead that,” Duncan said.

The Women’s Resource Center holds many annual events including the Women’s Leadership Conference, the Women’s Health and Wellness Chocolate Festival and 5K Run, Sexual Assault Awareness Month, Domestic Violence Awareness Month, the Young Women Leaders Program, the Leadership and Advocacy Council, and more.

These events play a role in advocating for women on campus. October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. The Women’s Resource Center has put up signs around campus to raise awareness for domestic violence.

“There are 38 signs around campus that help raise awareness for domestic violence around town,” Duncan said. “Students can look at these signs, and they may help them recognize if they are in a bad relationship.”

Students mostly put on the events put on by the Women’s Resource Center; therefore, there are many ways for students to be involved with the Women’s Resource Center.

Men are also welcome and encouraged to be a part of any of the Women’s Resource Center programs or events.

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