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Wooftrax: The App All Animal-Lovers Should Have

Many people are faced with donation requests throughout their lives. What if there was a way to donate by just going for a walk? (Photo, right, courtesy: Hillary Winchester Photography)

Wooftrax is a program that donates as you walk, all you have to do is download the app.

“The Wooftrax app is a walking app that tracks how far and how long you walk, with or without a dog, and gives money to your designated animal shelter based on how much you walk,” Ausu Anaraki said about Wooftrax’s Walk for a Dog program.

Anaraki is the Fundraising and Events Coordinator at the Lee County Humane Society in Auburn, Alabama.

College students often want to get involved in their local communities when they go off to school. Many face the challenge of balancing school, work and volunteering. This app gives students a chance to give back to their local communities while walking to class or walking their dog.

“Yes, I would recommend this to students,” Anaraki said. “As a student, you'd be surprised how much you walk. So why not support LCHS while doing so?”

By using the Wooftrax Walk for a Dog app, students can raise money for a shelter of their choice. (Photo, left, courtesy: Hillary Winchester Photography)

Wooftrax donates money your designated shelter if the user is an active walker. To be an active walker, users just have to use the app once a week and walk 0.25 miles or more.

“I haven’t heard of the app but I’d definitely give it a try because it promotes exercise and it’s for a great cause,” said Lauren Lindsey, a senior in early childhood education at Auburn University.

Wooftrax is also offering another way for shelters to raise money while also supporting people in need. Every spring Wooftrax has a shoe drive for local shelters.

“Basically, we're collecting gently used and new shoes to raise money,” said Anaraki. “Funds2Orgs is working with Wooftrax and LCHS will receive money based on how many shoes we collect. The shoes will be donated to people in need, so you'd be supporting several causes at one time.”

LCHS is collecting gently used or new shoes over a two-month period, March 15, 2017-May 15, 2017. Students and residents can drop off their old shoes at LCHS and other drop off locations around the community.

“LCHS is partially funded by the cities of Auburn and Opelika, but we have to raise about 60% of our funding on our own,” said Anaraki.

These simple acts make a difference in the lives of LCHS animals. This also gives students a way to give back to their community.

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