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Brooke Bell, formerly known as Brooke Brewster, graduated from Auburn University in 2009. Bell was done with all of her major courses and needed one more elective for her final semester, so she decided to take the self-defense course. The self-defense course is offered by the Kinesiology Department and is now extremely popular. 

"When you're a senior and all you have to do before you graduate is take your last couple hours, you aren't too worried about what you are going to take," said Bell. "I signed up for the self-defense class thinking it would just be an easy A and I'd be out of here before I knew it. Instead, I really learned a lot and I am proud to say I could use everything I learned if the situation called for it." 

According to Bell, officers from the Lee County Police Department are involved in each class.

"Everyone sees the yellow and black uniforms that the bicycle police wear around campus," said Bell. "When I saw them in my self-defense class I realized how serious this was going to be!"

The police officers work along side the instructors to demonstrate the self-defense mechanisms and maneuvers that the students learn. This class obviously different from other classes that Auburn offers, but just like every class at the university, students have to work for their grade.

"Each student interacts with a partner from the class and practices the new moves each week," explained Bell. "This class is not just full of girls, either! There were a few boys in my class that seemed to learn as much as me."

Although it may seem like a class that teaches you how to beat someone up, it is much more than that. The self-defense course offers defense mechanisms that practically any one is capable of. Students can also read more about self-defense through student counseling services. Bell thought that the most exciting part of the course was the final exam.

"When you attend the first day of class, they explain to you that at the end of the semester there will be a very unique final exam," said Bell. "The police officers that you work with in the classroom put on a padded suit that resembles a transformer. Each student comes to class as usual and there is an attack simulation. The simulation is definitely a lot less scary than I expected. The instructors simply want to see if each student can get out of the situation by using the techniques they learned throughout the semester."

Another interesting detail of the self-defense final is that it is recorded. Each student has the opportunity to come on the day of the final and watch not only their simulation, but their classmates as well. 

The Auburn University Public Safety Department recommends this course to all Auburn University students. It has been a part of Auburn University since 2003 and is also associated with Rape Aggression Defense, a program that is over 20 years old. 

"I highly recommend any student to take this course," said Bell. "Each student is always surprised with how much they learn and I am confident that this course offered information that could benefit me for the rest of my life."

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