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Thousands of Auburn freshmen arrive on campus in August every year without having a clue what college life is like. Faculty and upperclassmen waste no time in bombarding them with all the clubs, activities, and academic and social fraternities they should join.

It’s no wonder many freshmen students often feel overwhelmed and a longing to fit in and show everyone else around them they are active. Sure it’s better to be involved than lazy, but at what point do students spread themselves too thin by saying yes to everything and anything? There is not a universal formula that fits for everyone, but one organization of Auburn students stands firm in their beliefs. This ministry is called Young Life, and they believe students are “made for this.”

Made for what exactly? Some people might know what Young Life is, since it is not just a local but a global ministry organization. Yet the majority of people at Auburn University have no idea what it is.

Mary Margaret Godley has been on staff here in the Auburn-Opelika region for almost two years, but she first got involved in Young Life her junior year of high school in North Carolina. “Young Life is living life with high school students. Young Life is allowing relationships to form with high school students and in that sharing life and Jesus with them,” Godley believes. “Young Life is real and vulnerable. As Young Life leaders, we get to be a part of the messy lives of teenagers in our community and communicate the hope that Jesus offers.” 

Godley graduated from Clemson several years ago and is one of two full time staff people in the region. All of the volunteer leaders though are current college students at Auburn University.

Zack Terry, a junior leader at Beauregard High School, says it’s hard to describe on paper just what Young Life is. “To me it is a family and my home away from home. It is something that I feel God has called me to for this part of my life,” Terry said. “It’s a sacrifice and a challenge, possibly one of the toughest things I have ever been involved in, but it is also so worth the trials.”

Jonny Green, another junior leader at Glenwood High School in Phenix City, agrees with Terry. “Aside from school work, Young Life is all I do,” he says. “It is in an essence my life.”

For freshmen wanting to get involved, the process is a simple but rewarding one. “We have Young Life training called Quest, every Wednesday night in the student center,” Godley points out. “Quest is led by older Young Life leaders that are already plugged into a school. It’s a great place to meet people and hear about Jesus and what Young Life is doing here in Auburn.”

For those on the fence about giving it a try, Terry would tell them, “There is nothing more fun than hanging out at Quest every week and goofing off with new friends. Seek whatever the Lord is calling you to do and consider if Young Life is something He wants you involved in.”For more on YL, visit Young Life's website.

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