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Auburn Family is a social network managed by students in the College of Liberal Arts (Public Relations) in cooperation with the Office of Communications and Marketing.

The site seeks to inform and connect students, alumni and Auburn fans through campus life stories and videos from the loveliest Auburn Logovillage on the plains, mostly produced by students. Follow Auburn Family's Twitter account, too.

We'll feature stories with video from Auburn's 13 colleges and schools, student and faculty organizations, staff and more.

The entire site is visible to anyone wishing to visit. If you wish to contribute to the community, we welcome you to sign up for the site. However, you must familiarize yourself with the Site Guidelines and you will be asked to verify that you agree to abide by the conditions stated within the guidelines.

If you wish to sign up to comment and share content, visit the Sign Up page By signing up and selecting "Yes", you agree to abide by the Site Guidelines.

Auburn Family reserves the right to modify and/or extend the Site Guidelines. To review the Site Guidelines, click that link or the one in the top menu bar of any page inside the site.

About Auburn Family
Social Network for Auburn Students, Faculty, Staff, Fans & Parents
Why did we start this network?

Auburn Family grew out of a desire to share the Auburn story in a social media environment.

Ideally, we would like to have you share your stories, too. That's why we will allow you to create an account and post here as well.

This summer, discussions began about how students might be able to share stories that you likely don't see. Their student focused view could bring a fresh, ongoing perspective to potential students, parents and the rest of the Auburn family.

This semester, we decided to try the experiment. Students in the Department of Communication and Journalism's PR Style & Design classes will run this site.

Each week, ten of the students will post features and videos about stories from Auburn's thirteen colleges and schools.

The views and opinions expressed in The Auburn Family do not necessarily signify or imply endorsement by Auburn University.

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