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Auburn Student Combines Passions: Gives Back at Work for Teach for America

If you are involved anywhere on campus, chances are you know Auburn student Branham Crutchfield. And chances are she knows you too.

If you have spent any time with her at all, you know that she is a natural leader who leads with grace. Being the oldest of four girls, Crutchfield was forced to become a leader and has held that role her entire life.…


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Be True to You - True40 Studio Founded by Auburn Alumna

Squats and push-ups before bedtime are not typical of most teenagers, but for Allie Weingarten, fitness has always been a priority. She lived for sports and activity growing up, so it was only a matter of time before she founded her own fitness studio here in Auburn, Alabama. (Photo, left: Allie…


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Auburn Student, Nicole Finley, Seeks True Culture Change by Discussing Sexual Violence

Nicole Finley is a senior from Alpharetta, Georgia majoring in chemical engineering with a minor in business administration.

Earlier this fall, Finley was nominated as a Top 5 Miss Homecoming candidate. Her platform, Freedom with Finley, was a campaign to establish freedom from sexual violence for the…


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A Taste for Success

Being an Auburn student provides so many opportunities for involvement, connections and fun activities to meet new people. However, campus life clubs aren’t made for everyone. It’s easy to feel disconnected if you can’t find your niche, but a new student should never worry.…


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International Student Finds His Place on the Plains


Wayne Wang on the Auburn campus The international student's mind raced with panic. "What should I do? What should I do?"

Wayne arrived in the U.S. alone, without a phone and without confidence in his English skills. After missing his bus to Auburn, he didn't know…


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An Auburn Student's Culinary Success

Fried calamari, stuffed poblano peppers, and homemade sushi are just a few of the incredible and mouthwatering dishes that college senior Delaney Burst makes. In her free time between classes, she is either wandering the aisles of every grocery store in Auburn or flipping through her collection of cookbooks.…


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7 Ways to Avoid the Freshman Fifteen

Ah, college. College is a time of growth, exploration, and most importantly, fun! Going to college means getting used to a whole new schedule, which includes a lot more freedom than most high-school students are used to.

While college is great, many freshmen fall victim to the notorious ‘Freshman Fifteen,’ or the rumored fifteen pounds that first-year college students sometimes gain. This can happen for a number of reasons: no longer playing high-school sports,…


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Auburn Takes on New York Fashion Week

Quoting the lyrics to “Fashionista” by Jimmy James as her caption, Auburn University senior Rebecca Schneider uploads to Instagram a photo that summarizes her thrilling week that just came to a close. What was the photo you might ask? Posing with Katie Gardner, a fellow colleague, in front of a wall that reads “New York…


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Auburn Students Choose "The Life Unmeasured"

College is a time of personal discovery. This is one such story of discovery for a group four Auburn students. They called their adventure "The Life Unmeasured."

"We were camping in Maroon Bells, Colorado. As it got dark, the stars came out, creating the only light because there were no lights for miles. I have never been more in awe of how many stars there are. In that moment, I…


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Auburn, Alabama – The Last Place I Wanted to Be

Alice grew up in Auburn, Alabama. She lived in a lovely home blocks from downtown. And she counted down the days until she got to leave.

Alice Marson didn’t always love the little town that sits on the plains. She hated it so much, in fact, that she packed up and fled to the University of Georgia after her graduation from Auburn High School.

“I didn’t have a good reason why. I guess it was a combination of Auburn being a small town that I knew like the back of…


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So You're Not Rushing a Sorority? That's Okay!

"Being in a sorority isn't defining, but it can be a defining catalyst," says Bonnie Wilson, advisor for Auburn's Alpha Chi Omega chapter.

Sorority recruitment is the first of many major choices in college. But, it is not the end all be all.…


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From Dressing up to Dressing Models

While the rest of her family read along with the words to the worship music at church, young Kathryn Heard sat in the pews sketching dresses and shoes on the scribble pads left for children.

Heard’s designs became more elaborate as she grew older, eventually leading her to design a series of fleece outfits…


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Senior Turned Junior: Discovering a College Student’s Passion

Senior year proved to be just the beginning of an adventure for an accounting major who would make a decision altering his graduation, career path, and outlook on life. 

Senior years are usually filled with a season of lasts; however, this was not the case for Nate Conoly, an Auburn alumnus and current teacher at Vestavia Hills High School. Nate Conoly pictured left in his graduation robes near Samford Hall. Photo courtesy of Nate Conoly.



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Summer 2017: The Life of an Auburn Engineering Student in India

Before entering his senior year, Ryan Sargent took on an internship in a culture many have never seen. As a part of coursework at Auburn, most students are required to complete an internship. As a civil engineering major, Sargent knew that coming in. His first few…


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Eagle Eye TV 25th Anniversary - Then and Now

Back in October 1992, Eagle Eye TV (EETV) came to Auburn's campus as a division of University Program Council. Now, EETV is the only student-run college television station in the state and viewed as a legitimate source for Auburn news. (see right, Source: Eagle Eye)

EETV became the 10th Student Activity Project for Auburn. EETV's…


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10 Things to Remember as a Student on Game Day

1. Always Say War Eagle Back.

On game day, saying “war eagle” to other Auburn fans is a tradition and part of the Auburn spirit. “War eagle is more than a phrase. It’s a symbol of unity and belonging,” Grace Tryon, senior at…


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Finding an Unexpected Place

You're walking around Auburn's campus on your first day of college and are eager to begin your classes you signed up for over the summer.

When coming to college you expect to find your place in the major you planned to study in high school or even beyond. It doesn’t always work out that way, however. The stress of classes and the new freedom can throw you off your intended track and will…


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What 18 Hours Taught Me

Happy Finals Week to All!

It's that time of the year again- finals week rears is ugly head and all the work you have done throughout the entire semester comes down to one exam or project that will make or break you.  For everyone on 1.99 percent brink of making a letter…


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Jonny Bradford, Auburn Student, Founded and Owns Right to Roam Vintage Clothing

To roam is to walk, go or travel without a fixed purpose or direction; to ramble; to wander; to rove. 

Right to Roam Vintage is a clothing company created to inspire connections between past and present, friend and…


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Join the Student Alumni Association

What is the Student Alumni Association?

The Auburn University Student Alumni Association (SAA) is the student chapter of the…


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