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Give Blood, Save Lives

We all know that helping others and giving back to our communities is a valuable and fulfilling duty we have as human beings. Unfortunately, many of us cannot seem to find the time in our busy schedules to volunteer at a soup kitchen or nursing home, or take the time to pitch in during community-hosted events. But did you know that there is a way for you to save up to three lives just by sacrificing 45 minutes a day every couple months? There is – by giving blood. …


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The Auburn Democrats and Their Presence on Campus

Many people are turned off by the idea of a political organization. While politics is, obviously, the strongest deciding factor in anything that happens to our nation, a large percentage of the population simply wishes either to not participate, or just not listen.

This is exactly what the Auburn College Democrats don’t want. Especially on a college campus, leaders of the Auburn Democrats encourage students to not just join their side of issues, but to become educated and participate… Continue

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Auburn vs. Alabama: A Forever Shaken Rivalry?

The Auburn and Alabama rivalry is one that runs deep. It is one that causes a near divide of Alabama state residents, especially during football season. Year after year, fans, alumni and students all participate in the uprising of support for their teams shot at victory. When reflecting on the recent poisoning of the Toomer’s Corner oak trees, it is difficult to not think of the man who committed the act. While it is obvious that he is undoubtedly an irrational and unstable man, he is also an… Continue

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Remembering Toomer’s Oaks

As the Auburn family is aware, our small town has recently been shaken with the discovery that the famous Toomer’s Corner oak trees have been poisoned. While this tragedy is undoubtedly a dark part of Auburn’s history, it has also brought students, residents and fans together in camaraderie. Hundreds have visited Toomer’s Corner to pay their respects to the trees and send their good wishes to the team of workers laboring to remove the poison and preserve the trees and the rest of the plants…


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Choosing Graduate School

Many students in today’s world of academia are choosing to not only complete a 4-year degree, but continue studies in graduate school. Students choose grad school for a variety of reasons; some have earned a degree that requires further education, some aren’t ready to leave college and some are hoping an expanded resume will put them as a forerunner in potential employer’s pool of applicants.

Find more… Continue

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The Philosophy Club Hosts Meetings at The Gnu’s Room

During one evening of every month, anyone passing by The Gnu’s Room will find the small used book store and coffee house filled with philosophy students, professors and onlookers.


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These gatherings, titled “Philosophy at The Gnu’s Room Meetings”, are hosted by the Auburn University Philosophy Club, which is composed of students interested… Continue

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The Post-Graduation Job Hunt: What Now?

Building memories, making life-long friends, gaining independence – all common answers when asking why a college education is important. College is an experience like no other, and is when many young adults begin to discover their “true selves”. While these are defining parts of school, amidst the consistent excitement and stress students experience, it is easy to forget what purpose all the hard work truly serves in the end.

So what is that purpose? Simple – to get a good…


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The Amsterdam Café: an Auburn Tradition

Most of Auburn’s well-known activities and traditions are directly associated with the university; such as“Hey Day”, rolling Toomer’s corner after football victories, or the “War Eagle!” battle cry. However, often overlooked are the other locations and businesses that make living in the loveliest village a truly memorable experience. One of the most distinguishing characteristics of any city or town is their local cuisine. Types of food can define an area and can provide locals with a…


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