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5 Reasons to Travel during your College Career

5. Travel Benefits your Health

From a health standpoint, travel can positively impact your mental and physical health. For mental health, traveling allows you to rid your mind of impurities, fill your mind with knowledge and increase your happiness and pleasure. Traveling is truly good for the soul.

"It was nice to take a weekend break from school right before finals to unwind and destress,” said student Trystan Harris.

As for physical health, most places you travel you will be roaming around towns, exploring new places or adventuring through the outdoors. Walking becomes a constant activity associated with traveling. With a calm mind and a happy body, your sleep habits can improve as well. (Photo, right: courtesy of Sara Turnley)


4. Travel Expands your Limits

 "You learn to test your self-imposed limits and expand your mind to new experiences that break you out of your comfort zone. It provides different experiences that you aren't familiar with,” said student Daniel Bandy.

Traveling teaches you lessons about yourself. It allows you to learn what you can handle but then encourages you to jump the line and expand those limits. Travel explores ways to break your comfort zone and shake up life in an exciting way.

“On my trip to Disney World with friends, travel allowed me to learn a sense of responsibility yet enjoy a care-free lifestyle,” said Harris. (Photo, right: Courtesy of Trystan Harris)

When you expand your travel comfort level when you are often rewarded with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. A feeling that is hard to learn in a classroom.

"Over fall break I went to Asheville, NC with one of my friends since he lives there. I saw the Biltmore Estate and experienced the life of a local. I had never been that far north before so it was a great experience. It's important to make these connections with friends so you can experience new places like I did. Also, driving seven hours was new for me and truly allowed me to expand my comfort level,” said student Molly Vines.

3. Travel Provides Perspective

Travel is always an exciting adventure that allows you to expand your view on the world. The way of life in the United States is completely different from that of other countries. Through travel, you are introduced to new cultures, people and places that broaden your vision of the “outside” world.

“My weekend trips with friends gave me the freedom to explore new ideas and adventures. It was fun to make lifelong memories with friends, something every college student should experience” said Harris.

When you travel, you free your mind of the blind spots and the ideas that we have been told make up the world. You get to build your own perspective of reality and other ways of life that you might not have been aware of before witnessing it for your own eyes.


2. Travel Opportunities at Auburn

Auburn provides its students with multiple opportunities to travel. From studying abroad to traveling to away games with friends, Auburn presents adventure around every corner. Auburn Abroad, Auburn’s Office of International Programs is a great resource for students to find information about abroad programs, calm the nerves about studying abroad and learn information about counting your study toward your credit hours. In fact, Auburn students have studied on every continent including Antarctica. Additionally, Auburn offers involvement opportunities that send students on service trips during spring break. Students have traveled to the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Honduras, Mexico and even Nicaragua.

If study aboard or service trips do not interest you, though, do not worry there are other ways to incorporate travel during college. One major travel opportunity Auburn offers in the fall is traveling to away football games. From driving to Atlanta to go to a kickoff game or driving to an away town just for the experience, away games can make for a fun travel weekend. You do not even have to buy a game ticket to travel to the game. Many students travel with friends to experience a new place but watch the game from outside the stadium.

"Going to an away game not only allowed me to travel to a new place, but it also allowed me to make memories with close friends,” said student Spenser Tonarelli.

Aside from study abroad, service trips and away football games, there are other opportunities to incorporate travel during your time at Auburn. Whether it is traveling to Atlanta for big city adventures, traveling south for a relaxing beach weekend or traveling 45 minutes to the capital of Alabama, there are multiple ways to fill your college career with adventure. (Photo, right: courtesy of Sara Turnley)

1. Travel is Educational

Travel allows you to expand your knowledge, enhance your skills and experience challenges that increase your learning abilities. Traveling teaches a person life lessons that a class could never teach. It provides applicable lessons and experiences that you can hold true in any opportunity you are presented. Traveling opens your mind to new cultures, people, food and new ways of life. You learn the value of getting lost and the importance of spontaneity. Traveling does not always go as planned and when in new places it is easy to get lost, but you learn that is acceptable. In fact, getting lost makes travel more fun and teaches you to go with the flow. It can also teach you to make decisions quickly and problem solve efficiently. Travel educates students on all subjects in hands-on environments that are just waiting to be discovered.

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