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Five Feelings Auburn Fans Experience on Game Day

For Auburn football fans, game day is an emotional roller coaster. Anyone who has been to a game, watched a game on TV, or even watched an Auburn fan watch a game, has witnessed this roller coaster in live action.

Although the fans experience this emotional roller coaster every single game day, they continue to hop on the ride. Why? Because Auburn fans are proud. They are loyal. They are family. They are a part of something bigger than themselves. Most importantly, they believe in Auburn and love it.

To be honest, Auburn football takes "all the feels" to all new depths. After narrowing, these are the five feelings that make a guaranteed appearance on game day.

1. Excitement. Game days on the plains are the most exhilarating days of the year. Auburn fans wake up with an overwhelming feeling of excitement. They start their day by singing along to the fight song and dressing in their best Auburn gear. The campus is transformed into one ginormous tailgate with copious amounts of food. As a part of the loveliest village on the plains, the Auburn family welcomes any and all. In addition to hanging out with old and new friends, the fans love to participate in the university's numerous traditions.

2. Hope. No matter the season record, opponent, or rankings, Auburn fans have renewed hope for a win each game day. In their eyes, the team's position is a mere setback, but does not control their love for Auburn. They have seen the team defeat the odds time and time again, and know exactly what Auburn is capable of. The team fights on and the fans cheer on until the clock reads final. After all, miracles only need one second. 

3. Sentiment. Auburn is more than just a university, community or fan base. It is a family. This family participates in many traditions, from greeting the team during Tiger Walk to rolling Toomer's Corner after every big win. Since 1892, the fans have spurred on their team by yelling "war eagle" as the eagle soars around the stadium before kickoff. Auburn roots run deep, and the fans are proud to stand with and stick with Auburn. One thing all Auburn fans agree on is that it is great to be an Auburn Tiger.

4. Anxiety. One common characteristic of Auburn football games is a close score. Many times, the outcome depends on the final seconds or the last play. Because Auburn fans believe in Auburn, they know that absolutely anything is possible. An enduring hope combined with the unforeseeable finish of each game keeps the fans on the edge of their seat at all times. Until the game is over, the Auburn fans are nail-biting, heavy-breathing, almost crying, constantly praying, and just wishing for another miracle in Jordan-Hare.

5. Positivity. Whether Auburn wins or loses, the fans remain positive. There is only one word to describe when Auburn wins, chill bumps. An inevitable feeling of glory fills the air as high fives are shared and the fans rush to roll the Oak Trees at Toomer's Corner. However, if Auburn loses, the fans are still positive. They are proud of their team and are loyal until the end. After a loss, one will hear, "War eagle anyway," or, "Better luck next time." They pick up and carry on, unlike their rivals, and look forward to NFL Sundays. Go Panthers!

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