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Living the Creed: A College Student’s Perspective

"I believe in a sound mind, in a sound body and a spirit that is not afraid.”

Four years ago, this would have meant nothing to me. I was at Camp War Eagle as an incoming freshman, and all of the counselors kept referencing back to this thing called, “The Creed.” I didn’t understand it, nor did it excite me.

Now, as a graduating senior, this simple phrase has evolved into much more. I cherish these words and strive to uphold the principles in this creed each and every day. 

It is my daily reminder that living a healthy lifestyle, both mentally and physically will lead to a fearless and self-reliant nature. 

As my experiences on the plains progressed, and my love for Auburn heightened, so did my appreciation for the creed. This nine-sentence set of ideals has grown to act as my own personal constitution.

“It’s a framework of values and beliefs that if taken to heart will stick with you for the rest of your life. It's incredible that Petrie had the foresight in 1943 to write all of that and it still be 100% applicable in 2017,” says senior in mechanical engineering, Jordan Carr.

Something that makes a good piece of writing is the ability to stand the test of time. I think because of the various applications of the creed, it has been able to do so since 1943 and will continue to do so for many years to come.

The words of wisdom, practicality, and insight of George Petrie, never fail to send chills down my spine. To some, the name George Petrie may not register as significant. To some, it may remind them of the brick building in which their geology lab was held their sophomore year. But to many, George Petrie was the epitome of an Auburn man. Not to mention, Auburn’s first football coach, founder of Auburn's school colors, and author of The Auburn Creed. Fun fact: He was also the first resident of Alabama to earn a PhD. War eagle to that.

However, It is about much more than Auburn, or even being an Auburn fan, it’s a mentality to live by. I cannot think of a piece of writing that better embodies all aspects of life as the creed does. Whether you’re a student, faculty member or just a die-hard Auburn fan, the creed is something that everyone can benefit from in some facet.

Whether you apply it to your spiritual views, work ethic, or even just your physical habits, the creed, in its sheer brilliance, perfectly conveys what it is to be an Auburn man or woman.

"People will always ask you, 'Why did you choose Auburn?' For me, the reason is found in the Auburn Creed. Stepping into this phase of my life, learning about myself and growing into the person I wanted to be could not have been better described than the qualities of Auburn men and women that are established in the creed. The creed inspired my work ethic and dedication to my education, my relationships, my lifestyle, my health, and my overall connection to the world. Most importantly, the creed has taught me to be intentional in all aspects of my life, and has provided me with a foundation to grow from and to confidently step into the following chapters in my life,” says senior in graphic design, Montana Cole.

I challenge you to apply the values manifested in the creed to your daily life and truly live out the creed. 

With that being said, because I am an Auburn woman, and I believe in these things. I believe in Auburn & love it.

(photo courtesy, left, lanier daniel)

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