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Internships provide more benefits for students during their undergraduate years than they might realize. Choo

sing to do an internship is a good idea for students because it provides them experience, helps them with networking, and adds to their resumes.

Interning is not limited to just working within the United States…the world is your oyster! Students have the opportunity to gain just as much insight and experience by choosing to intern out of the country as well, which is what Auburn University student, Kayla Jolly, decided to do over the summer.

“I went to Prague, Czech Republic from May 29 through July 16. While working each day was busy and at times stressful, I was able to travel somewhere different with new friends and co-workers every weekend which was an incredible experience,” Jolly said.

There is more than just the job that students learn about while interning abroad. Without even realizing it, students learn about the culture of other countries by visiting museums and famous historical sights.

“The company I interned for was Passion Communications in Prague. My position in the company was their public relations intern. My job entailed writing weekly articles for their blog and e-newsletter and talking about inbound marketing within their company,” Jolly said.

Jolly also worked with big companies such as Finlandia Vodka, where she made an entire marketing campaign from scratch. “I helped come up with ideas for the visuals and created an online campaign for the company,” Jolly added.

Students’ employers have expectations that their interns are to uphold. Interns not only need to learn responsibility in their jobs abroad, but they also learn about time management, safety, money conversion, transportation and learning how to communicate with others who speak a foreign language.

“The hardest part about interning abroad was the differences in culture. My boss and workplace all spoke English, but understanding different customs was interesting. It's easy to adjust though,” Jolly said.

Although there is and will always be tough and stressful times during any internship or job, either abroad or not, it’s a learning experience for students and those situations help to prepare undergrads for life in the real world, post-graduation.

“I would recommend interning abroad for ANY Auburn student. I can truly say I learned more that I had ever anticipated. It's an amazing opportunity, not only to grow your work ethic and skills but also to grow you as a person. I wouldn't change my summer for anything,” Jolly said.

There are so many benefits to not just traveling abroad, but interning abroad too. Students have the opportunity to travel and experience the world while making new friends and tons of memories.

“The biggest advantage of this internship was being put out of my comfort zone, because it really changed my work ethic for the better. I came home from working extremely hard all summer and couldn't not do anything. Although I'm in a full load of classes, I now am also interning for Verge Pipe Media in Auburn. My internship abroad gave me the ability to do so,” Jolly said.




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