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Why You Shouldn't Be Scared of Adulthood

As a graduating senior in the month of April, I am currently experiencing the emotional roller coaster that is college graduation. This place I have learned to call home for the last four years will soon just be a memory. This experience is bittersweet, leaving friends that I now consider family is extremely sad, but the thought of being an adult is exciting. Even though I could spend all day discussing the reasons graduating makes me sad, and even a little scared, I prefer to look at the glass half full. So, here are some reasons why you should not be scared of adulthood.


The transition from college student to adult generates independence within people. For most students, once they graduate, they are on their own financially. Graduating and starting a career allows you to have your own steady income. For some, this might be the first time they do not have to rely on their parents for financial support and this can be liberating. The freedom to spend money on what you want without having to ask for permission or for a loan, is not only liberating but also fun! Being financially independent is great, but in general having the power to make your own decisions can create an overwhelming and newfound sense of independence in many young adults. 


Look back at your freshman year of college, it can be scary yet also exciting to realize how much you have grown as a person. While the freshman 15 may have made you grow physically, think deeper than that. Every student goes through many ups and downs during their college career. Each of these trials and tribulations, whether they be academic, social or any other issue, teaches students valuable lessons. At the time of the incident it may feel like the world is crashing down on you, but each of these incidents have a silver lining. They teach us how to correct our mistakes and not repeat them; they teach us how to become a strong individual, on the inside and out.  Most importantly, they teach us how to move on. 

After graduation and once in the world of adulthood, it is important that we continue this personal growth. Starting a career and for some, moving to a new city, is what comes next after walking across the stage and being handed your diploma. Entering adulthood is an exciting time to continue to grow as a person, both on the inside and out.


With a new sense of independence and personal growth, confidence is sure to follow. Completing a college degree is a major feat for most.  Forty percent of working-aged Americans have a college degree. With that number being less than 50%, obtaining a college degree puts you above 50% in the working world. Even if you do not realize it while in school, once you finish that degree you have something to be extremely proud of. An overwhelming sense of pride and accomplishment come with completing a college degree, and rightfully so. That diploma is something you have worked for your entire life and it now serves blueprint for the rest of your life. Graduating and transitioning into adulthood should not be scary because of this new sense of confidence!

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Adulthood can be daunting but because of the independence, growth and confidence gained, it should be something to look forward to! Finally making your own money and decisions is an incredibly exciting time in every new graduate's life. The transition can be difficult for some, but keeping in mind how much you have grown and continue to grow as a person can be good motivation.

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